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Career Options & Salary


Data Science is an interdisciplinary field that reveals trends and produces valuable insights that better the help us to make better decisions.  The field of data science uses scientific methods, process, systems and algorithms to extract value from the data collected from web, smart phones, customers, sensors and from many studies.  The career options vary based on the skill-set and responsibilities that have been stated below.  


Data Scientist

Average Salary: 6,70,897 INR

Typical Job Requirements: As a Data Scientist your responsibility is to find, clean, and organize data for companies.  You will be analysing large amount of complex raw and processed data to find patters that benefits organization and drive strategic business decisions.


Data Analyst

Average Salary: 4,13,882 INR

Typical Job Requirements: As a Data Analyst your responsibility is to transform and manipulate large data sets to suit the desired analysis for companies.


Data Engineer

Average Salary: 8,68,306 INR

Typical Job Requirements: As a Data engineer you will perform batch processing or real-time processing on gathered and stored data. You will make data more readable for data scientists.


Machine Learning Scientist

Average Salary: 42,43,330 INR

Typical Job Requirements: As a machine learning scientist you will research new data approaches and algorithms.


Machine Learning Engineer

Average Salary: 7,50,000 INR

Typical Job Requirements: As a machine learning engineer you will create data funnels and deliver software solutions.


Data Architect

Average Salary: 17,21,795 INR

Typical Job Requirements: As a Data architect you will ensure data solutions are built for performance and design analytics applications.


Applications Architect

Average Salary: 17,62,540 INR

Typical Job Requirements: As an Application architect you will track the behaviour of applications used within a business and understand the way they interact with each other and with users.


Infrastructure Architect

Average Salary: 19,48,875 INR

Typical Job Requirements: As an infrastructure architect you will oversee that all business systems are working at optimally and  you will support the development of new technologies and system requirements.


Enterprise Architect

Average Salary: 25,33,079 INR

Typical Job Requirements: As an enterprise architect you will work closely with stakeholders that include management and subject matter experts, to develop a view of an organization’s strategy, information, processes and IT assets.



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